Vaughn Robison


Vaughn Robison is a communication arts director and fifth-generation Oregon Coast resident. He develops and executes comprehensive strategies that communicate ideas through images, environments and words. His work has been used commercially and editorially in a career that ranges from ad agencies and non-profits to multi-national corporations and local news media. 

He is currently pursuing a masters in Environmental Arts and Humanities and a graduate certificate in Fisheries Management from Oregon State University. Through his studies, he aims to develop a more academic understanding of the potential for communication to assess and address the ecological, sociological and economic impacts of policy and management on fisheries communities.

His key interests revolve around living on the coast and navigating its ecological and sociological intersections.  In his free time, he can be found exploring the region's intersecting lands and waters, and meeting with other people they support. He has a horse and two dogs that often join him.