As part of crafting a comprehensive theory and identity for a concept brand that reimagines classic farmhouse furniture through a modern lens, I designed and photographed living environments, which can be found here, and drafted the following complementary brand story and language to communicate the features and benefits of its building materials:



Blackhouse is a place for recognizing that the beauty of a working farmhouse isn’t rooted in its location, but rather the relationships with work ethic and nature that grow within it. We handcraft furniture from natural materials that cultivates these relationships, and cooperates with them as they ripen. 

Blackhouse is furniture that asks to be touched and used, and responds with gentle transformations as it withstands the tests of time and service, whether on or off the farm. 



Handmade Product Quality

Due to the handmade construction process and natural building materials of Blackhouse products, slight variations that enhance each piece’s character should be expected. Variations such as knotholes, slight cracks and indentations can be expected and do not compromise the piece’s structural integrity, but rather add character to the design.


Reclaimed Teak Wood

A unique process that highlights the character of the wood, with slight imperfections that make each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Plantation-Cut Mango Wood

Not only one of the most unique and attractive hardwoods, but also the most sustainable and versatile. 

Reclaimed Wood

An assortment of hardwood varieties blend together, each bringing its individual strength, to create a bold, texture-rich medley. 

Sleeper Wood

An increasingly hard-to-come-by material that is valued equally for its history-rich appearance and durability. 


A solid material that lends itself to creating unmatched, richly-textured finished with unique, multi-layer stains. 


A narrow, interlocked grain makes for a strong, long-lasting piece of furniture that takes high skill level to construct.